Healer Training Series -  Details

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Beginning Jan 2022!!!
OnLine via Zoom

Attending each class is important to grasp the concepts and techniques. While I do provide manuals this course is not like studying math or science. As you will see, most of this work is based on experience and while there is a fundamental framework for the techniques, each student perceives and integrates the lessons in a unique way.

I realize that even the best planning can be derailed, so I ask that if you have a conflict with specific dates, please advise in advance so that the class can be moved to a new date agreeable to all students.

The total class hours listed below are based on previous class needs; current actual training segment lengths will be dependent the current class.

The Energy Healer Training Series can be taken as an entire series for completion or certification. You can also elect to take Energy 101 or Spiritual Clearing as stand-alone courses. These 2 courses are prerequisites for moving onto DamselFly Transformative Healing training.

Energy 101 – 6 hours

For a strong foundation in energy work in any modality, this class is very important to understand how energy:  flows throughout the body; is obtained, is depleted; is stored, etc.

If you are a Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist or any other healer where extensive study was devoted to energy systems, this course can be waived.

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection – 12 hours

Workshop 1 - 

Learn how to:  sense into another person’s story without adopting the energy of it as your own (i.e. be in control of your energy field);  know when your energetic boundary has been breached; and use simple tools to clear yourself and not pick up other people’s emotions and fears.


Workshops 2&3 – 

Learn how to:  identify what types of energies are around you (earthly and other dimensional); conduct a ”deep-cleaning” of yourself and others; and clear your home or office of uninvited "guests".


Workshop 4 & 5  – 

Learn how to:  prevent energies from coming back; remove and protect yourself from “hidden” energies, higher level energies, and energies acquired while astral traveling; and clear large areas while maintaining a safe personal field.

Workshop 6 –

This is a final session to put all the skills together clearing people and buildings.

Damselfly Transformative Healing (DTH) - Physical Healing –
14+ hours

DamselFly Transformative Healing (DTH) use a unique blend of energetic techniques that focus on a client’s specific ailment or illness for treatment. In addition to Universal Life Force Energy, DTH uses a variety of sound frequencies, resonance tools, Divine guidance, and client participation to create the sacred space for healing.


The last 2 days in this segment are devoted to practical application with “practice clients”.

Damselfly Transformative Healing (DTH-ER) - Emotional Release – 55+ hours

 - Advanced physical healing


 - Neuro Linguistic


- How to recognize & change

   the energy of  Inner Chatter

- The Vagus Nerve

- Your Voice as a Sound  

   Healing Tool

- How Your Physical Body

   Expresses Your Emotions

- The Spine

     * Understanding how

         each Vertebra relates

         to Emotional Health

      * Opening Gateways

- The 5 Elements

- Emotional Release through

   Talk Therapy

     * A Light Approach

      * Deep Techniques

 - Understanding the

    Connection to Your Past

      *Akashic Records,

       Cave of Trophonius …

      *Soul Retrieval

- Creating Your Future     

- Transcendental Dowsing 

     * Manifesting