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Sometimes when we feel ill or just out of sorts physically, we believe we have caught a cold or other illness and just  accept that the sniffles and headache are OURS, and go thru the motions of “feeling” the illness … sneezing, taking medication, etc.


When this happens, think back to our Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection class and ASK – “IS THIS MINE?”


Often people just assume that a physical illness is just a part of daily life and they don’t stop to question why they have unhealthy symptoms.


So BEFORE you CONFIRM that you would like to adopt these symptoms, consider asking your inner self and get a 2nd opinion if you like – your pendulum – and GET SOME ANSWERS!


If these symptoms are not yours, take a few minutes and focus.  Follow the same process of cleansing in your waterfall or cyclone and just like you would cleanse from a low level psychic encounter. Really sense into the energy and see the release happening!

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