Emotional Energy Alignment

Aligning your energy so that you are living your life's purpose and are in complete harmony with your inner guidance, is the foundation for  balance and wholeness. 

Using a variety of emotional release and re-build techniques, Emotional Energy Alignment can help you change any negative energies from your past or present life and replace them with positively charged energy!

Any situation, past or current, can be resolved so that you can have a clear understanding of why an emotional issue or physical ailment has manifested in your life, and how to move forward.

Using your new found clarity and understanding , you can take action toward re-aligning your energy!

You will be  able to manifest the life you desire!

This work is most effective using a series of short, ON-LINE sessions, held over 3-7 consecutive days.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Divine guidance, Astral Travel. Transcendental Dowsing, and Mediumship are some of the techniques used.

Karmic Understanding &  Release

can be part of the work done in these sessions, and is taught as a segment in DamselFly Transformative Healing -Emotional Energy Alignment.


Healing Services are available:

OnLine via conferencing app Zoom

In-Person at 2 South Main St., Weaverville, NC, USA &

at Your Location for an additional fee

DamselFly Magic is located in The Wellness Center of Weaverville