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What would you like help with?

-- Physical Healing, Emotional/Karmic Healing, or Psychic Clearing.

Are you ready to access your inner magic and manifest the life and health you desire?


The basis of all the work I do uses the high frequencies of love and compassion to

creates cellular openness, and enable healing to happen.


My desire is for you to feel absolutely amazing !!


Would you like to be - 

  • Physically Vibrant and Pain-Free? We'll work together to align your mind-heart energy!

  • Emotionally Centered and Grounded? We'll realign the emotional energies of your past and present to position YOU as the pilot in your life's journey!

  • Psychically Clear and Free of Uninvited Spiritual Attachments? You'll learn to raise your psychic awareness and create boundaries that ensure inner harmony and balance. 

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Physical Healing

Energy Healing – can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental and emotional stress.


Each session is unique to your needs. I blend a number of energetic modalities together depending on whether you would like a “tune-up” for your whole body or have a specific ailment or illness you would like to address,


As your vibration is raised, your body will enter an internal harmonized state. With your energy flowing freely and your physiology completely relaxed, you will be in a perfect space for healing to take place.

Session lengths usually vary between 1 and 2 hours and

are available  OnLine.

Physical Energetic healing techniques include: Reiki, Quantum Touch, The Wonder Method, WaveForm, DamselFly Transformative Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Sound Healing.

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Emotional Energy Alignment

Aligning your energy so that you are living your life's purpose and are in complete harmony with your inner guidance, is the foundation for  balance and wholeness. 

​Using a variety of Emotional Release and Re-build Techniques,

we can work together to help you

change any negative energies from your past or present life and replace them with positively charged energy!

Any situation, past or current, can be resolved so that you can have a clear understanding of

why an emotional issue or physical ailment has manifested in your life, and how to move forward.

​Using your new found clarity and understanding , you can take action toward re-aligning your energy and manifesting the life you want!

​After the initial session, this work is most effective  using a series of short (less 30 min), ON-LINE sessions, held over 3-7 consecutive days.​

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Karmic Understanding & Release

I am passionate about helping you understand how your life is evolving and why, and

aligning your energy so that you are living your life's purpose and are in sync with your heart's desires.


Assessing your life with knowledge and subsequent understanding, are valuable to aligning your present energy and changing the energy of your past. 


This energetic alignment will aid in your  ascension from 3D to 5D.

The karmic release sessions vary depending on the situation you would like to address.

In general, the session would begin with a review of what you would like to move through -- chronic or life-threatening illness, situations like debt or unsuccessful career paths, relationships, etc.

If for example, you would like to understand why you are in a relationship with your spouse, we would look into your past life history to determine what karmic debt you have with this person from a past relationship and what you would need to do in this life time to fulfill that debt and move forward.

We would glean this information from traveling to the Akashic Records and / or the Cave of Trophonius and connecting with the Divine.

Most of the time, I assist clients using emotional release exercises to create a new energetic blueprint from which forgiveness and love replace the existing frequency which may be restraining forward movement. These exercises are also used to move clients into a new frequency with other people in your life who may be related to this debt or another aspect of your life.

The initial session begins the process of changing the energy surrounding physical illness or emotional issues. After the initial session, most clients require a few follow up sessions to gain full clarity of the past and a solid foundation to move forward into the present and future to continue healing any areas of deep emotional trauma and / or additional areas of inner conflict.

Usually one issue can be addressed fully in 1-3 sessions.


I look forward to being part of your ascension journey !


Spiritual Clearing &Psychic Protection

It's wonderful to be open and friendly ! ...  but sometimes our auras are too open and we absorb other people's energies. 

​You can pick up negative energy from anywhere!

​Here are a few ways you may notice something is influencing you or someone near you.

​*   You may make statements you never intended to say and feel like they were someone else' thoughts.

​*  You notice yourself or a friend or co-worker acting strangely out of character and you or they cannot explain why.

*   You feel very uncomfortable "in your own skin", very unlike yourself, and no matter what you try, you cannot seem to change this feeling.

 No One is Immune !

But the good news, is that negative energy and energetic beings are easily removed and you can learn how to protect your own vital energy. 

​Clearing sessions are like spring cleaning of your house; they focus on removing any old, stale energy you no longer need, and energy that is not yours. 

​Clearing sessions  are available for person, homes, businesses, etc. The length of  sessions vary.

Clearing sessions and Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection WorkShops are available  On-Line. 


Pat is a patient, open and kind teacher.


Entering the world of energy work can be intimidating, but Pat’s gentle guidance made the journey a joy - full of encouragement and possibilities! ️


— Kari B., USA

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