Healing Services

Pat Ulrich

Vibrant Luminous Radiant  --  Does this describe  you? It can ! 

  Let's Hit the "Re-Set"  Button ...

so that you are ... 

...  physically energized, and pain-free 

...  emotionally centered and light, &

...  spiritually sovereign and free from uninvited attachments. 


We'll explore how  all aspects of your  life - your health, relationships, and daily experiences, have manifested.


With this understanding, we can re-align your energy to support any changes you'd like to make.

Clarity of your past and present helps to  create the energy  to move forward!


With your emotional energy in alignment , manifestation magically occurs!

My Holistic Services

As an Intuitive Healer, I am guided by the Divine to use my gifts to raise the vibration of each individual to live in a space of love and wholeness.

Types of Healing Sessions Offered

Physical Energy Healing

Emotional Energy Alignment

Karmic Understanding & Release

Psychic Energy Clearing

All services are offered On-Line & In-Person

We  All Have an Innate Ability To Heal !


Healing Services are available:

OnLine via conferencing app Zoom

In-Person at 2 South Main St., Weaverville, NC, USA &

at Your Location for an additional fee

DamselFly Magic is located in The Wellness Center of Weaverville