Spiritual Clearing 

It's wonderful to be open and friendly ! ...  but sometimes our auras are too open and we absorb other people's energies. 

You can pick up negative energy from anywhere!

Here are a few ways you may notice something is influencing you or someone near you.

​*   You may make statements you never intended to say and feel like they were someone else' thoughts.

​*  You notice yourself or a friend or co-worker acting strangely out of character and you or they cannot explain why.

*   You feel very uncomfortable "in your own skin", very unlike yourself, and no matter what you try, you cannot seem to change this feeling.

 No One is Immune !

But the good news, is that negative energy and energetic beings are easily removed and you can learn how to protect your own vital energy. 

Clearing sessions are like spring cleaning of your house; they focus on removing any old, stale energy you no longer need, and energy that is not yours. 

Clearing sessions  are available for person, homes, businesses, etc. The length of  sessions vary.

Clearing sessions and Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection WorkShops are

available In-Person and On-Line. 

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