11:45am  EDT/-4GMT

Beginning Oct 14

Channeled Divine Light 


30 min of Love, Peace & Balance

  • Immerse yourself in the vibration of sacred sound.

  • Awaken your body with breath and physical movement.

  • Receive & integrate healing energy channeled from the Divine.

All are welcome. No experience necessary. Love required. 

While this is a

free community service event,

contributions are welcome.

OnLine via Zoom

NEW Course Date - Nov 2021
Contact for Details

Archetype Webinar

Have you ever wondered what makes people speak and act the way they do? There is much more to forming a verbal or physical response than meets the eye.


Our response is not just based on the situation of the moment, but also on the broader inner persona that guides and maneuvers us through life.


If you would like to explore and demystify how your family, friends, and colleagues approach their day to day interactions,

join me for a 2-hour complimentary class, where we will look through the lens of the Element and Survival Archetypes.


All of my classes are designed as building blocks that can be beneficial for your professional life as a Healer,

or just for life in general.