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Thursdays at 11:00am EDT/-4 GMT/UTC

30 min of Love, Peace & Balance

Immerse yourself in the vibration of sacred sound.

Awaken your body with breath and physical movement.

Receive & integrate healing energy channeled from the Divine.

All are welcome. No experience necessary. Love required. 

Just click RSVP & submit your details with Thurs Med in the message section.

This is a free community service, but contributions are welcome.

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Dive into your 3rd Eye!  Let your intuition grow! Join us for weekly exploration sessions where we tap into each of your clair-senses. 



Rolling Enrollment - Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30pm EDT / -4GMT/UTC

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Tuesdays at 11am & Fridays at 11:30am EDT / -4 GMT/UTC​

We have been working with the Galactic Council, a collective of star beings – the Sirians, Arcturians, Paleadians, and others for quite a while, clearing and strengthening the earth and its inhabitants, as well as planets and stars within and beyond our galaxy.


The council now wishes to open and expand the circle to many more new souls who would be interested in participating and experiencing this work. We will guide and help you to connect with these beings, form a greater understanding of how humanity is moving into a greater space of expanded consciousness.


RSVP with email associated with your Zoom account to receive an invite a few minutes before we begin.


  Like a traditional Reiki Share, the energy of a few light workers is focused on offering healing to one practitioner.


Every practitioner will have an opportunity to feel replenished and supported.


After each mini-session is complete,

any info and messages received, are voiced.


While this is a free community event; contributions  are appreciated.


1st & 3rd Sundays from  11am-1pm EDT / -4 GMT/UTC

OnLine via free conferencing app Zoom. 

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DamselFly Magic - Emotional Energy Alignment 


Usui &  Karuna Ki  Reiki - Master-Teacher 


7-Day Workshop

Online & In-Person


Spring/Summer 2020


Energetic Boundary Setting! Be free of fearful or negative energy; stay in the peace and harmony of your own energy!



Saturdays 9-11am EDT/-4GMT/UTC

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DamselFly Magic Healing Arts

Weaverville, NC, USA



Services Available:

OnLine, In-Person, At Your Location