Guided & Sacred Sound Meditation

 Guided & Sacred Sound Meditations - Wednesdays 12:00-12:30 EST / -5GMT

Ready for a little Divine Bliss?

                                        Join us as we:

          -  Immerse in a cellular sound bath of Sacred Sound

          - Reach deeper with a guided meditation

                  - Sit in stillness

Benefits?  Raise your Frequency, Raise the Frequency of the Blessed Earth, Stress Relief, Emotional Balance,   

                                   Enhanced Self-Awareness, Improved Sleep, Increased Focus, and more

Hosts:              Pat Ulrich, DamselFly Magic & Carol Vare, Asheville Energetics.


Venue:             DamselFly Magic Healing Arts, located within The Wellness Center of Weaverville, 2 South Main St.,


Comfort:     Please bring your favorite meditation mat/cushion. We also have a few cushions available,

                                    Contact in advance if you would prefer a chair.


Parking:     There is ample parking behind the building. The entrance is on the ground level, white door, on the side

                                     of the building.


RSVP             Required.

          2 S Main St., Weaverville, NC, USA

     Entrance: Ground Floor, Side, White Door .


  Depending on the number of participants,  A healing exchange usually lasts 2-3 hours.

Like a traditional Reiki Share, the energy of a few light workers is focused on offering healing to one practitioner. Every practitioner will have an opportunity to feel replenished and supported. After each mini-session is complete, any info and messages received, are voiced.


Healing Services are available:

OnLine via conferencing app Zoom

In-Person at 2 South Main St., Weaverville, NC, USA &

at Your Location for an additional fee

DamselFly Magic is located in The Wellness Center of Weaverville