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If you're wondering if my teaching style fits your learning style,  click on the video below and step into my classroom. 
Spiritual Clearing Excerpt
Personal Sovereignty Training Series
Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection = Personal Sovereignty
Live Internet Classes
Taught over 11 consecutive Mondays
Sep 19
9-11am NY  / 4pm Qatar / 6:30pm India 

1. Develop all Clair senses.

2. Know when your energetic boundary has been breached.

3. Use simple tools to clear yourself.

4. Practice techniques in how NOT to pick up other people’s emotions, fears and baggage.

5. Clear your home or office of negative energy and entities.

6. Remove Artificial Intelligence and other negative elements of astral origin.

 Personal Sovereignty is a pre-requisite for Energy Healer Training.

Scroll down for Details in teal blocks.

10+ Month Energy Healer Training Series - 3 Parts

Healer Training available in   SPANISH   
contact for details

DamselFly Transformative Healing Excerpt

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection
part 1of 3

22  hours total


Spiritual Clearing Training begins with a 6 hour segment of experiential learning in understanding how the energy in your body is obtained, depleted, stored, and interacts with energetic storage centers and systems including chakras, meridians, and Dantiens.

Day 4 - 

Learn how to:  sense into another person’s story without adopting the energy of it as your own (i.e. be in control of your energy field);  know when your energetic boundary has been breached; and use simple tools to clear yourself and not pick up other people’s emotions and fears.


Days 5 & 6 – 

Learn how to:  identify what types of energies are around you (earthly and other dimensional); conduct a ”deep-cleaning” of yourself and others; and clear your home or office of uninvited "guests".

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection


Days 7- 9 – 

Learn how to:  prevent energies from coming back; remove and protect yourself from “hidden” energies, higher level energies, and energies acquired while astral traveling; and clear large areas while maintaining a safe personal field.

Days 10 & 11 –

Clearing Covid related influences, addressing 3 areas:

  1. To protect un-vaccinated and vaccinated people from the Artificial Intelligence that is permeating from the vaccines into both parties;

  2. To help those who have been vaccinated to lessen their side-effects and detox the body; and

  3. To help those who have had the illness and either are or are not vaccinated.

This 11-week course does not have to be taken as part of the whole training series, but can be taken separately.

Damselfly Transformative Healing - Physical
part 2 of 3 

14+  hours total

DamselFly Transformative Healing (DTH) uses a unique blend of energetic techniques that focus on a client’s specific ailment or illness for treatment. In addition to Universal Life Force Energy, DTH uses a variety of sound frequencies, resonance tools, Divine guidance, and client participation to create the sacred space for healing.


The last 2 days in this segment are devoted to practical application with “practice clients”.

Damselfly Transformative Healing - Physical
part 3 of 3

 55+  hours​ total

- Advanced physical healing


 - Neuro Linguistic


- How to recognize & change

   the energy of  Inner Chatter

- The Vagus Nerve

- Your Voice as a Sound  

   Healing Tool

- How Your Physical Body

   Expresses Your Emotions

- The Spine

     * Understanding how

         each Vertebra relates

         to Emotional Health

      * Opening Gateways

- The 5 Elements

- Emotional Release through

   Talk Therapy

     * A Light Approach

      * Deep Techniques

 - Understanding the

    Connection to Your Past

      *Akashic Records,

       Cave of Trophonius …

      *Soul Retrieval

- Creating Your Future     

- Transcendental Dowsing 

     * Manifesting

Attending each class is important to grasp the concepts and techniques. While I do provide manuals this course is not like studying math or science. As you will see, most of this work is based on experience and while there is a fundamental framework for the techniques, each student perceives and integrates the lessons in a unique way.

I realize that even the best planning can be derailed, so I ask that if you have a conflict with specific dates, please advise in advance so that the class can be moved to a new date agreeable to all students.

The total class hours listed below are based on previous class needs; current actual training segment lengths will be dependent the current class.

The Energy Healer Training Series can be taken as an entire series for completion or certification. You can also elect to take Energy 101 or Spiritual Clearing as stand-alone courses. These 2 courses are prerequisites for moving onto DamselFly Transformative Healing training.

Reiki Training

Reiki 1

This class includes the principles of Reiki and how to apply it for self-healing and the healing of others. In contrast to DTH, Reiki is a symbols-based, energetic healing technique that is not directed at specific ailments, but is used to heal the body holistically and is based on the principal that “energy flows where it is needed”.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 1: Energy 101

Reiki 2

This class focuses on using the 4 main Reiki symbols for in-person, distance, and online healing sessions. It also includes a brief introduction to animal healing.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 2:  

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki Master

​This class teaches advanced techniques and frequency code use, and additional Karuna Ki symbols.


I offer a 2 year window from the date of graduation, where I am available to join your healing sessions (via online app Zoom) once per month to assess and offer guidance in any areas you feel you would like help in.

2 Days. Pre-requisites: Energy 101, Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection, Reiki 1&2 

Usui & Karuna Ki Teacher

Students learn how to teach the courses & perform the attunements for all levels of Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki.

Instructor Training & Affiliate Program
violet rock.JPG

Instructor Certification

Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki

DamselFly Transformative Healing

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

hands, heart.JPG

Affiliate Program

Currently under development .. 

DamselFly Magic is delighted to offer a listing for Certified Practitioners and Instructors to share contact and  event/training details & grow our global community.

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