Transcendental Dowsing

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

DamselFly Transformative Healing -  Physical Balance

DamselFly Transformative Healing -  Emotional Energy Alignment

Reiki – Usui and Karuna Ki -1, 2, 3/Master-Teacher Levels

This Workshop is for everyone !! 


 Anyone who would like to take greater care of themselves

and those aspiring to become Healers - all are welcome!


This workshop includes fundamental thru advanced techniques. Class size is limited for individual attention.


DamselFly Transformative Healing  (DTH) - Physical Balance - is a unique blend of energetic techniques that focuses on specific ailments or illnesses for treatment. A DTH practitioner uses various types of frequencies, resonance tools, Divine guidance, and client participation to create the space for healing.

In contrast to DTH, Reiki is a symbols-based, energetic healing technique that is not directed at specific ailments, but is used to heal the body holistically and is based on the principal that “energy flows where it is needed”.

The workshop is broken down into 6 days, and Days 1 & 2 can be taken as stand-alone courses.

Day  1 - Energy 101 - learn energetic principles of how energy is gained, lost and stored; how it circulates; how to use it to heal self and others.

Day 2 - Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection - learn how to identify when an energy that isn't yours is trying to influence you; how to remove negative/other being's energy; how to protect your energy field.

Days 3-5  - DTH & Reiki 1&2 - learn techniques that increase energetic frequency and prepare a body for physical healing to occur. Receive attunements.

Day 6 – Practicum - There Is practice built into ALL COURSE DAYS; this hands-learning culminates in a combined practical application of all energetic healing and psychic clearing skills taught. The intense Practicum on Day 6 will provide a variety of practice “client” sessions both in-person and online. 

No experience is necessary. Love is required. My desire is for each participant to learn how to create a clear, nurturing space where true healing and personal growth can occur.  

Join us from anywhere in the world !


This workshop is offered simultaneously

In-Person  at 2 South Main St., Weaverville, NC, USA and

OnLine  via Zoom Conferencing app.

Workshop includes all materials, follow-up instruction as needed, Reiki Certifications, and DTH certification upon completion of 10 hours of "client" practice and a summary submitted for each.


All students are welcome to repeat all or portions of previously attended classes without additional fees - unlimited, life-time guarantee.

Please visit the                                                                                     page for fees.

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