8-Month Energy Healer Training Series

Begins Mon, April 5th!!

OnLine Mondays 10am-12pm EDT/-4GMT

Energy 101

part 1

6 hours total

For a strong foundation in energy work in any modality, this class is very important to understand how energy:  flows throughout the body; is obtained, is depleted; is stored, etc.

This course can be taken separately.

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

part 2

12 hours total

Know when your energetic boundary has been breached and use simple tools to clear yourself and not pick up other people’s emotions and fears.

Clear your home or office of negative energy and entities.

This course can be taken separately.

Damselfly Transformative Healing - Physical

part 3

14 hours total

Learn a unique blend of energetic techniques  to focus on specific ailments or illnesses, using Universal Life Force Energy, sound frequencies, resonance tools, Divine guidance, and client participation to allow for healing to happen.

Damselfly Transformative Healing

 Emotional Release

part 4

 38  hours​ total

Advanced training enabling the body to restore itself to total wellness by re-creating energetic patterns in the emotional and physical bodies.

Blends: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Vagus Nerve Alignment, Sound Healing, Spinal Gateway Release, Light & Deep Talk Therapies, Connections through the

Akashic Records & Cave of Trophonius, Soul Retrieval, 

Transcendental Dowsing, & Manifesting.

Reiki Training

Reiki 1

This class includes the principles of Reiki and how to apply it for self-healing and the healing of others. In contrast to DTH, Reiki is a symbols-based, energetic healing technique that is not directed at specific ailments, but is used to heal the body holistically and is based on the principal that “energy flows where it is needed”.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 1: Energy 101

Reiki 2

This class focuses on using the 4 main Reiki symbols for in-person, distance, and online healing sessions. It also includes a brief introduction to animal healing.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 2:  

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki Master

​This class teaches advanced techniques and frequency code use, and additional Karuna Ki symbols.


I offer a 2 year window from the date of graduation, where I am available to join your healing sessions (via online app Zoom) once per month to assess and offer guidance in any areas you feel you would like help in.

2 Days. Pre-requisites: Energy 101, Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection, Reiki 1&2 

Usui & Karuna Ki Teacher

Students learn how to teach the courses & perform the attunements for all levels of Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki.

Instructor Training & Affiliate Program
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Instructor Certification

Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki

DamselFly Transformative Healing

Spiritual Clearing & Psychic Protection

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Affiliate Program

Currently under development .. 

DamselFly Magic is delighted to offer a listing for Certified Practitioners and Instructors to share contact and  event/training details & grow our global community.