Transforming Money into Sacred Exchange

Please take a moment to read my philosophy of "FEES" based on "LOVE EXCHANGE".
I see that while money is a form of energy,

often this payment is not thought of as a form of an exchange of love and gratitude, but as a debt.

So I ask people to take an extra step in their own spiritual development by actively feeling into their heart, and reciprocating with the energy of the amount they are guided to give.
I realize for some, this may be new and difficult.

               So I extend as a guide that most healers offering the services I provide,  usually ask: 


Healing or Clearing


$120-$180 per hour

Single or Multi Day


$150 - $250 each day


2+ Hours

$40-$60 each class


1+ Hour

$20 - $30 each class

 My community service events - Meditations & Reiki/Energy Shares - are not fee-based, but a small sacred exchange is welcome.

I realize that each of us occupies a unique space on the economic spectrum and accept with gratitude the amount that is best for you. 

I hope that this transformed view of the flow of money as an exchange of love, will help lift us toward a higher consciousness in how we live.

AFTER you have received a HEALING, CLEARING, Single class or Segment of  TRAINING, ​please submit your Love Exchange. 

                                                                                                                          Thank You.