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BioFeedBack - CyberScan

I'm introducing BioFeedBack to my practice - check out what CyberScan can do for you!

Based upon the work and technologies of Nikola Tesla and the Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research (P.E.A.R.), CyberScan is an advanced bioresonance biofeedback device that uses state-of-the-art bio-cybernetic technology. 

CyberScan determines your present and past health condition based on the trends that are identified in the current state of the body's immune system. With a database of over 135,000 electromagnetic signatures of information, the CyberScan identifies where the body is out of balance and uses frequencies to bring the body into alignment and health.

CyberScan is a biofeedback device that assesses factors that guide the skilled practitioner in creating a truly individualized and effective treatment plan for a range of health issues. 


Disclaimer: CyberScan is not a diagnostic tool. It is not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Disease or Illness, nor is it to be presented or construed, in any way, as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment.

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