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Why Become an Energy Healer?


Heal Yourself.

Heal the people and pets in your life.

Become a DamselFly Transforative Healing (DTH) Master and join our Global team of healers.

Join with like-minded students and embrace a natural and holistic approach to healing both physical and emotional ailments.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a veterinarian, an airline pilot ... all walks of life have found our training program empowering.    Elevate your skills as a DTH Master --  and gain valuable knowledge and hands on experience in the Healing Arts!

Energy Healing is the Future of Health Care


Get the Training You Need to Heal

Yourself & Everyone in your Life!


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LIVE Internet Classes Taught over 11 consecutive weekdays, for 2 hours each session.

Personal Sovereignty
Begins May 2024
DTH - Basic
Begins Sept 2024
DTH - Advanced
Begins Nov 2024

Personal Sovereignty
part 1of 3

22  hours total

Days 1-3 

Personal Sovereignty Training begins with a 6 hour segment of experiential learning in understanding how the energy in your body is obtained, depleted, stored, and interacts with energetic storage centers and systems including chakras, meridians, and Dantiens.

Day 4 - 

Learn how to:  sense into another person’s story without adopting the energy of it as your own (i.e. be in control of your energy field);  know when your energetic boundary has been breached; and use simple tools to clear yourself and not pick up other people’s emotions and fears.


Personal Sovereignty
part 1 of 3



Days 5 & 6 - 

Learn how to:  identify what types of energies are around you (earthly and other dimensional); conduct a ”deep-cleaning” of yourself and others; and clear your home or office of uninvited "guests".


Days 7- 9 – 

Learn how to:  prevent energies from coming back; remove and protect yourself from “hidden” energies, higher level energies, and energies acquired while astral traveling; and clear large areas while maintaining a safe personal field.

Days 10 & 11 –

Identifying, Clearing, and Protecting from Artificial Intelligence (AI) related influences

This 11-week course does not have to be taken as part of the whole training series, but can be taken separately.

Personal Sovereignty is a pre-requisite for DTH training.

Damselfly Transformative Healing - Physical
part 2 of 3 

14+  hours total

DamselFly Transformative Healing (DTH) - Physical -uses heart-centered compassion to channel Universal Life Force Energy, and employs a variety of techniques such as, sound frequencies, resonance tools, and Divine guidance to create a sacred space and effect change toward healing.


The last 2 days in this segment are devoted to practical application with “practice clients”.

Damselfly Transformative Healing - Emotional Release
part 3 of 3

 60+ hours​ total

DTH - Emotional Release -  

combines with

DTH – Physical -  by adding emotional healing techniques designed to bring clients into an understanding of why, how, with whom… their ailments have manifested, and then to change this energy of their past.


Through this understanding, clients are then ready to change their current energetic field by consciously adopting thoughts and actions to support the physical and emotional healing of their body.


This is often a monumentally profound journey which is such a joy to be a part of!  

Class Components:

- Advanced physical healing


 - Neuro Linguistic


- How to recognize & change

   the energy of  Inner Chatter

- The Vagus Nerve

- Your Voice as a Sound  

   Healing Tool

- How Your Physical Body

   Expresses Your Emotions

- The Spine

     * Understanding how

         each Vertebra relates

         to Emotional Health

      * Opening Gateways

- The 5 Elements

- Emotional Release through

   Talk Therapy

     * A Light Approach

      * Deep Techniques

 - Understanding the

    Connection to Your Past

      *Akashic Records,

       Cave of Trophonius …

      *Soul Retrieval

- Creating Your Future     

- Transcendental Dowsing 

     * Manifesting

If you're wondering if my teaching style fits your learning style, 
click on the video below and step into my Personal Sovereignty classroom. 

Pat Ulrich

bus card pat sq.jpg

Hi, I'm thrilled to be here on the earth plane helping people to heal and  teaching my wonderful students to be healers. My life has been an extraordinary journey where I've helped people with many illnesses - 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

  • Re-Balancing of Hormones

  • Physical Recovery from Surgery

  • Emotional Regeneration from Trauma

  • Heart, Cancer, Thyroid, and other Diseases

  • Nerve Damage

Healer, Channel, Mentor

​I've been blessed with learning a variety of healing modalites:  Quantum Touch, Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki, The Wonder Method, WaveForm, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mediumship, Psychic Protection, and Transcendental Dowsing,  and in 2017 I created my own technique - DamselFly Transformative Healing. I also have the honor of channeling Divine Light for both individual and group healings

As an intuitive, I use a holistic approach to explore how all aspects of a person's life - health, relationships, work, daily routine, etc. - have manifested into their present-day reality. 

Using a blend of energetic and talk-therapies, I am able to facilitate the unwinding of deep-seated emotions. My client can then step out of the limits of their emotions and reach into a greater space of understanding how the circumstances of their life have evolved.

We then work together to realign their energy in support of any changes they desire, enabling a new, profound sense of self to emerge. Flowing through and beyond emotional issues also allows for physical illness to dissolve, and health, wellness, balance and harmony to blossom.

Please sense into the essence of my website and if you feel our energies resonate, I'd love to work with you.                                                                             

                                                                                                     many blessings, Pat

All Healing Sessions, Meditations, Workshops are Online via Zoom
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